Live4Well Brings “Sportive Income” to the Global Stage, Announcing Expansion Across Asia at Dubai Future Blockchain Summit

Live4Well, Asia’s premier health management platform invested by GYMetaverse, made a global splash at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, heralding the company’s international market entry. The event, renowned as the most immersive large-scale blockchain event in the MENA region, marked a significant milestone for the Hong Kong-based Web 3.0 company.

Live4Well Brings "Sportive Income" to the Global Stage, Announcing Expansion Across Asia at Dubai Future Blockchain Summit

At the summit, Live4Well captured the interest of innovators and industry leaders across the spectrum of Web 3.0, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT sectors. The company seized this opportunity to unveil its innovative concept of “Sportive Income,” transforming personal fitness into financial wealth.

The four-day summit offered attendees a sneak peek into Live4Well’s trial app, showcasing its unique blend of artificial intelligence, motion sensing technology, and gaming. Users were offered a mesmerizing experience, enhancing their posture and fitness regime as if guided by a 24/7 personal coach.

The company’s revolutionary NFT Pass (VIV PASS) also took center stage, granting users unparalleled access to over 200 premier fitness facilities across Hong Kong. However, it was Live4Well’s “Sweat and Earn” concept that truly stole the show, pushing the boundaries of traditional “Move to Earn” games, incentivizing physical activity with tangible rewards.

Live4Well’s approach embraces the innovative concept of Phygital, fusing the physical and digital realms of Web 2 and Web 3. This convergence creates a transformative ecosystem set to redefine the future of the fitness industry.

“The international debut of Live4Well at the Future Blockchain Summit marks a pivotal moment in our journey,” said Tayson Chui, Marketing Director of Live4Well. “Our platform integrates virtual reality to breathe new life into the fitness industry. With Live4Well, users can earn Sweat Coins through precise exercise, redeemable for physical gifts, fitness courses, or even digital currency” – Miranda Wong, co-founder of Live4Well.

With Live4Well, health and wealth go hand in hand. Break free from the constraints of time and location, earn rewards while burning calories, and transform your health into wealth. Welcome to the era of “Sportive Income.”

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