Google and Samsung Unveil Quick Share: Set to Enhance Android Connectivity

Google, in collaboration with Samsung, has announced a new Quick Share system at CES, set to replace Google’s 2020-introduced Nearby Share. This revamped system, merging the best of Google and Samsung’s technologies, aims to provide a seamless peer-to-peer content sharing experience across various devices running Android or Chrome OS.

Google and Samsung Unveil New Quick Share System for Enhanced Android Connectivity

The new Quick Share feature will allow users to easily share content with nearby devices by simply tapping the Quick Share icon. Users can control who can discover and send files to their device, with options including everyone, only contacts, or just personal devices. The rollout for this feature on current Nearby Share-enabled devices is expected to begin in February.

Additionally, Google is expanding its Fast Pair feature to Chromecast with Google TV and other Google TV devices later this year. This will enable effortless pairing of compatible headphones or speakers with Google TV, along with convenient audio output controls.

In a significant move, TikTok content can now be cast from phones to devices with Chromecast, and soon this will include live videos on TikTok. Google also revealed that LG’s 2024 TV lineup, along with LG Hospitality and LG Healthcare devices, will come with Chromecast built-in, enhancing the casting experience from phones to LG TVs in various settings.

Google and Samsung Unveil New Quick Share System for Enhanced Android Connectivity

A new casting feature is also on the horizon, allowing users to transfer media playing on Spotify and YouTube Music from compatible Pixel phones to docked Pixel Tablets. Furthermore, LG TVs and select Google TV and Android TV devices will soon serve as hubs for Google Home, facilitating the addition and local control of Matter protocol-supported devices through the Google Home app.

Google has also introduced new features to Android Auto, including the Chrome browser and customizable wallpapers for car infotainment screens.

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