Unveils Enhanced Cloud Storage for Musicians, Challenging Tech Giants with Specialized Features

 Boombox today announced a significant enhancement to its services: a fully functional file storage & backup system, further positioning itself as an alternative to major cloud storage providers such as Dropbox and Google Drive, designed for the music industry.

The new file storage system addresses the specific needs of music creators who often struggle with generic tools not tailored to their workflow.

“In today’s music tech landscape, creators are forced to upload & download project files from dozens of places throughout the process of producing a song. Our vision with Boombox is not to add another step, but rather bring them all under one roof. Today, we’re making a move closer to that goal by providing our customers the ability to store and organize their files on Boombox instead of using tools like Google Drive. The goal is to save our users some steps, some time and hopefully some money.” – Jordan Schneider, head of marketing & former mix engineer

Alongside the new storage system, Boombox continues to evolve its collaboration features. Plans include introducing new tools like high fidelity audio playback, and AI-driven file organization. The team also plans to continue building out the Boombox artist network in 2024, from its current beta version. Unveils Enhanced Cloud Storage for Musicians, Challenging Tech Giants with Specialized Features

“It’s been critical for us to not only to become the all-in-one solution for modern music creators – but also to stay price competitive with the large cloud storage provider players while offering better-specialized features,” said Tom Chavez, co-founder and CEO of Boombox. “As a musician and engineer, I’m excited to see that a future is finally here where musicians can cut through all the noise and take back control of their workflows all in a single location.”

After launching in November 2022, Boombox has quickly become the go-to for music producers to store, version, and track their music files, collect time-stamped feedback on audio tracks, and even manage contracts and song ownership, among many other features.

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